My greatest regret as president is that I did not appoint Feigin Photography as my VP and then resign so that he could run the country.

               -Barack Hussein Obama


I owe everything to Feigin Photography. Everything. 

               -Brad Pitt


At first, I had no idea what 'E' equaled. Then I found Feigin Photography, and everything became clear. 

               -Albert Einstein


If it hadn't been for Feigin Photography, how would anybody have ever known that I walked on water? Thank God somebody was there to document it. 

               -Jesus H. Christ


I have 3 Oscars. One for each time I've shot with Feigin Photography. 

              -Meryl Louise Streep

If you're reading this, then by now you probably get that testimonials don't mean anything. Which is why serious photographers Do. Not. Use. Them.