Each shoot includes 25 high-quality professional 8 x 10 prints.

Each setup includes one full retouch. Additional retouching is priced below.  

1  Setup:   $250

2 Setups:  $400

3 Setups:  $500

Additional setups: $75 each.

*NEW: Shared Session (you and a friend): $900. Includes 3 setups each, $450 per person.) 

You will receive your shots within 24 hours. Most of the time you will receive them the same day of your shoot.

Making a small change during a setup, as in taking off or putting on a hat, glasses, or a jacket, is not a problem and will not count as a new setup.   


Complete any of the following four options. Only one discount can be applied. Each is worth a discount of $50.

1. Make a $25 donation to the following organization. You must provide a receipt.


2. Volunteer one hour of your time at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, or a food bank near you. Take a picture of yourself there and working


3. If you are active duty, a vet, or are in the reserves.

4. If you are a returning client.


Please let me know in your initial inquiry if you would like to book a HMU artist. HMU artist stays for the entire shoot for touch ups.

Women:  $175 (if you request additional HMU changes during shoot, they are $25 each. If the HMU does not change, the price does not go up.)

MEN:       $125 (if you request additional HMU changes during shoot, they are $25 each. If the HMU does not change, the price does not go up.)

All HMU fees go DIRECTLY TO THE HMU ARTIST, who you pay separately on the day of the shoot. I DO NOT take a percentage of their fee. Tipping the HMU artist is appreciated.


One retouch is included with each setup you shoot. 

Additional retouches $45 per image. If you purchase 3 or more retouches, the cost drops to $40 per image.  

Things I will NOT do during retouching:

  • Smooth your skin beyond what looks natural
  • Remove moles, birth marks, or obvious scars
  • Change eye color
  • Make your eyes perfectly white
  • Alter your jaw line


A $100 deposit is required to book your session, no exceptions. Your deposit will go towards your total balance.  

Cash, credit, or debit cards accepted. No Venmo, PayPal, or checks. NOTE:  There is a 3% up-charge if you pay balance with a credit or debit card.

HMU artist accepts cash, check or Venmo. 

Your deposit is non-refundable after 48 hours. If you book a shoot inside of 48 hours, the deposit is immediately non-refundable.