Each setup includes one full retouch. Additional retouching is priced below.  

1  Setup:   $250

2 Setups:  $400

3 Setups:  $500

Additional setups: $75 each.

*NEW: Shared Session (you and a friend): $900. Includes 3 setups each, $450 per person.) 

*(For prints of your shots, I now recommend Argentum Photo Lab or

You will receive your shots within 24 hours. Most of the time you will receive them the same day of your shoot.

Making a small change during a setup, as in taking off or putting on a hat, glasses, or a jacket, is not a problem and will not count as a new setup.   


Complete any of the following four options. Only one discount can be applied. Each is worth a discount of $50.

1. Make a $25 donation to the following organization. You must provide a receipt.


2. Volunteer one hour of your time at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, or a food bank near you. Take a picture of yourself there and working


3. If you are active duty, a vet, or are in the reserves.

4. If you are a returning client.


NOTE: It is your choice, but if you do your own hair and makeup and are not happy with how the hair and makeup looks in the photos, you will not be eligible for a re-shoot. Hair and makeup is recommended for men and women.

Please let me know in your initial inquiry if you would like to book a HMU artist. HMU artist stays for the entire shoot for touch ups.

Women:  $175 (if you request additional HMU changes during shoot, they are $25 each. If the HMU does not change, the price does not go up.)

MEN:       $125 (if you request additional HMU changes during shoot, they are $25 each. If the HMU does not change, the price does not go up.)

All HMU fees go DIRECTLY TO THE HMU ARTIST, who you pay separately on the day of the shoot. I DO NOT take a percentage of their fee. Tipping the HMU artist is appreciated.


One retouch is included with each setup you shoot. 

Additional retouches $45 per image. If you purchase 3 or more retouches, the cost drops to $40 per image.  

Things I will NOT do during retouching:

  • Smooth your skin beyond what looks natural

  • Remove moles, birth marks, or obvious scars

  • Change eye color

  • Make your eyes perfectly white

  • Alter your jaw line


Cash, credit, or debit cards accepted. No Venmo, PayPal, or checks. NOTE:  There is a 3% up-charge if you pay balance with a credit or debit card.

HMU artist accepts cash, check or Venmo. 

A $100 deposit is required for your booking, no exceptions.

Your deposit is non-refundable after 48 hours. If you book a shoot inside of 48 hours, the deposit is immediately non-refundable. However, the deposit is always transferable. Meaning that after 48 hours if you need to reschedule, you can pick a new (available) date, and you will NOT need to pay another deposit. They do not expire.