Currently booking roughly two to three weeks out.

If you need shots prior to the above date, I keep 3 additional spots 'dark' on the schedule each week that I can open up for those who need shots asap. There is a $100 up-charge if you book one of these spots since I am adding you to a full schedule. These spots are only available early morning (9am sharp) or late afternoon (4pm sharp), and cannot be adjusted. There is no guarantee that they are available at all, but you can ask. Please only ask for this if you truly need shots immediately and cannot wait, otherwise, please leave these slots for somebody that does. 

If I don't respond to your inquiry within 5 hours, it is because I am shooting. If I don't respond within 8 is because I am dead. At which point my availability will have gone way down and I probably can't get you in for a session for a while.



[email protected]


12443 Milbank St.

Studio City, CA