mishone taking pics 1.jpg

Me taking a photograph, circa 1995.

Some Notes On Style

Please familiarize yourself with my photographic style before booking. I do not copy other photographers' styles. 

Keep in mind that my particular style of portraiture requires time and attention. Please allow a minimum of 1.5 hours in your schedule for all shoots, and if you plan on shooting multiple setups, we'll add time to that. This process should not be rushed, and we will discuss your setups prior to your arrival. Please be well-rested prior to your shoot.

You, not the photography itself, should always be the focus of your portrait. 

I provide cinematic portraits to my clients. I prefer this style to overly poppy, bubblegum style headshots. If you need that, I fully respect and understand it, but I recommend that you find another photographer to do that.

A clear & crisp, properly exposed, tightly-framed, thoughtful portrait will always be a better business tool than a shot that makes you look like you are in a Mission Impossible film, or on the backlot of a huge movie studio. That's just noise and it won't serve you in the long run. If you look at most successful actors' portraits, they are simple, well-lit, understated photos, where the subject is always the epicenter of the image.

That goes for commercial and theatrical headshots.

Generally, I prefer cooler tones to warmer tones: light and dark greys, slate, blues, cool blacks, cool, crisp whites, & natural greens. I prefer magenta to red in wardrobe and in background. You can of course bring anything you want and if you love a warmer color and know that you look great in it, then we will by all means shoot it. 

                                     - Mishone