mishone taking pics 1.jpg

Me taking a photography, circa 1995.

A note on style:

I prefer cinematic portraits to overly poppy, bubblegum style headshots. If you need that, I totally respect it, but I am probably not the right photographer for you.  

A clear & crisp, properly exposed, tightly-framed, thoughtful portrait will always be a better business tool than a shot that makes you look like you are in a Mission Impossible film, or on the backlot of a huge movie studio. That's just noise and it won't serve you in the long run, so I don't do it. If you look at most successful actors' portraits, they are simple, well-lit, understated photos. 

You should always be the focus, not the photography itself.

Generally, I prefer cooler tones to warmer tones: light and dark greys, slate, blues, cool blacks, cool, crips whites, & natural greens. I prefer magenta to red. You can of course bring anything you want and if you love a warm color and know that you look great in it, then we can by all means shoot it. 

Things I will NOT do during retouching (please do not ask):

  • Smooth your skin beyond what is natural
  • Remove moles, birth marks, or obvious scars
  • Change eye color
  • Make your eyes perfectly white
  • Alter your jaw line